Research Grant Recipients Archive

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The Research Grant Recipients Archive describes studies that were funded by the IOCDF (formerly known as the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation (OCF)). In line with our goals of increasing our understanding of OCD and related disorders, improving treatment, and reducing stigma, almost $11 million has been awarded in research grants to promising studies since 1994.

Currently, there are three available grants: the Breakthrough Award, the Innovator Award, and the Michael A. Jenike Young Investigator Award.

Breakthrough and Innovator Awards are granted to investigators whose work represents “high-risk, high-reward” science that could make a profound impact in understanding and treating OCD. Jenike Young Investigator Awards have funded promising early-career researchers who are working to establish themselves in the field of OCD and related disorders.

We hope this Archive provides an accessible means of understanding research and will continue updating it with any new information grant recipients provide. For more information about any of the studies presented in our Archive, please email