Having OCD is hard. Having a chronic illness/disability is hard. Having them both? Really hard! In this Special Interest Group, we get it! This is for individuals with a chronic illness/disability and OCD who are looking to find community and support, as well as those who are interested in creating resources and working to increase awareness around these comorbid conditions. Additionally, the SIG is open to professionals who are looking to gain a better understanding of successful treatment practices for those with chronic illness/disability and OCD.

The SIG meets twice a month - the first meeting of the month will be focused on advocacy and creating resources, while the second meeting of the month will be centered around community support and common experiences.

SIG Leadership:

Mary Walters, MA, NCC
Sandy Robinson, IOCDF Grassroots Advocate
Jessie Birnbaum, IOCDF Grassroots Advocate
Jake Winchester, LPC


  • Raising awareness about the intersection of OCD and chronic illness/disability


  • Meetings twice a month in the evenings
  • In-person meet-up at the IOCDF conference
  • Livestream roundtable discussion
  • Guide for clinicians who lack experience treating individuals with chronic illness/disability on top of OCD
  • Research on the intersection between OCD and chronic illness/disability

Want to Join the SIG?

This group is open to new members. We welcome you to join us! Please fill out the interest form  https://forms.gle/8Ps9YsvbwTBAxiCk6 to receive meeting information.  If you have any additional questions or would like more information on ways to get involved, email disability.ocd.sig@gmail.com