This group is designed for those with OCD or a related disorder and in a profession of helping others such as an educator, clergy, healthcare professional, or first responder with the desire to create a community and resources for navigating OCD while serving in these roles. The group acknowledged that historically, while there have been groups in this area for therapists, there is a need for additional resources in the helping field. This is particularly true for individuals working in areas that OCD has latched onto, as helping professionals often find themselves in roles centered on topics significant to them, which is precisely what OCD commonly attacks.

SIG Leadership:

Mallory Hord, RN
Jessica Parlor, PhD
Leigh Sheppard, MD


Coming Soon 🙂

Current and/or Future Initiatives:

This Special Interest Group seeks to create resources, advocacy opportunities, and a community for helping professionals with OCD. This group will focus on the experiences of those in professional helping roles, like medical professionals, educators, first responders, clergy, and beyond.

Want to Join the Helping Professionals SIG?

This group currently meets virtually on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7PM ET, with a focus on:

  • Story sharing from a member of the group on this topic
  • Discussion on topics of interest for helping professionals navigating OCD
  • Creating advocacy initiatives/awareness for helping professionals with OCD

Please complete the interest form to join and receive meeting information.  If you have any additional questions or would like more information on ways to get involved, email