The LGBTQ+ Special Interest Group is dedicated to building community for LGBTQ+ identifying OCD clinicians, researchers, educators, and people with lived experience. It has the goal of improving access to affirming, evidence-based treatment for LGBTQ+ individuals with OCD. This group focuses on experience-sharing and the development and promotion of advocacy initiatives associated with stigma, discrimination, and barriers to care. This group is for all LGBTQ+ identifying individuals and allies in the OCD community committed to this work. 

SIG Leadership:

Chris Trondsen, LMFT, APCC, IOCDF Board Member and Lead Advocate; Alexandra Reynolds, IOCDF Advocate; Justine De Jaegher, IOCDF Advocate


SIG members have contributed blog posts, presented a Pride live-stream, assisted with the creation of social media shareables explaining the rationale for the use of the term SO-OCD rather than HOCD, and the development of an “affirming therapists” declaration for the IOCDF resource directory.

About the Monthly Meeting

This SIG meets the second Thursday of every month at 4PM EST via Zoom.
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