We believe Mothers with OCD are currently underserved within the community. Mothers with OCD face increased amounts of stigma and shame around their intrusive thoughts. Many mothers with OCD endure suffering in isolation rather than seeking help due to their fears of repercussions from disclosing such as having their children taken or involuntary institutionalization. Mothers attempting to access treatment often face dismissal, disbelief or overreaction in response to their obsessions.

As mothers with OCD, we are passionate about utilizing our lived experience to assemble a strong network of like-minded Moms to foster community, destigmatize OCD in mothers, and collaborate with professionals and advocates to raise awareness about the unique challenges Moms with OCD face.

SIG Leadership:

Alexandra Reynolds
Krista Reed, LSCSW
Jenna Overbaugh, LPC


  • Raise awareness about Perinatal & Postnatal OCD in both the OCD community and within the community at large. (Especially within the medical & women’s health communities)


  • Facilitate support amongst sufferers who are Moms.
  • Enact grassroots advocacy initiatives to penetrate the community at large and disseminate educational materials such as flyers, blogs and livestreams.
    Implement new strategies to destigmatize OCD amongst mothers.(Especially harm and taboo themes)
  • Meet once a month and have an in-person meeting at the conference

Want to Join the SIG?

This group is open to new members. Please fill out the interest form to join and receive meeting information.  If you have any additional questions or would like more information on ways to get involved, email sigs@iocdf.org.