The Trauma & PTSD in OCD Special Interest Group is comprised of professionals and people with lived experience with trauma, OCD, and PTSD. This group is dedicated to advancing knowledge and disseminating information about trauma, OCD, and PTSD to other professionals, people with lived experience, families and supports, and the public. We aim to provide a compassionate, supportive, evidence-based environment in which people who are passionate about effective treatment for individuals with trauma, OCD, and PTSD can access resources and remain informed about this growing body of research and clinical practice.

SIG Leadership:

Caitlin Pinciotti, PhD (Co-Chair)
Lauren Wadsworth, PhD (Co-Chair)
Nathaniel Van Kirk, PhD (Co-Chair)


SIG members from this group have contributed significantly to the research, treatment, and dissemination of knowledge regarding assessing and treating trauma, OCD, and PTSD.

Current and/or Future Initiatives:

We aim to provide free resources for professionals, people with lived experience, and families; we plan to present ongoing research findings and clinical experiences at IOCDF conferences; we plan to disseminate cutting-edge research to the public.

Is this group open to new members:


Additional information about group:

This group is open to new members. Please fill out the interest form to receive meeting information. If you have additional questions, please email: