The Young Adult SIG is a group of passionate young adults with OCD in various parts of the country and in different stages of life. The goal of the SIG and its members is to help create a community of young adults with OCD that can stay connected and provide support to one another year-round. To do this, the SIG focuses on creating both fun and educational opportunities for connection throughout the year as well as at the OCD Conference! The group both meets internally and hosts community events once a month!

SIG Leadership:

Kyle King, IOCDF Advocate
Megan Dailey, IOCDF Advocate
Caroline Kalen, IOCDF Advocate


To date, this SIG has held three YA meet-ups which have been attended by over 80 young adults with OCD from around the world. These events have involved everything from panels to discussion groups to online gaming continue to happen every month for anyone interested!


Currently, the Young Adult SIG hosts a virtual meet-up every month during which young adults with OCD can get together, play games, and discuss common problems. The SIG is also working on developing the Young Adult track at the OCD conference to make it more engaging and informative than ever.

Monthly Young Adult Meet-Ups:

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Want to Join the Young Adult SIG?

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