Young adulthood is a unique period in a person's life, a period defined by one thing: change. For practically every young adult, all the twists and turns of this period are hard...and OCD doesn't make it any easier. We know because we're going through it too. This group is composed of young adults with OCD from across the world all navigating the similar challenges and here to encourage each other!

SIG Leadership:

Kyle King
Jessie Birnbaum
Victoria Lane
Sidney Lodge


Hosts two monthly "meet-ups" for young adults across the world to connect. Holds periodic speaker events to discuss topics such as pharmacology, OCD and eating disorders, and more!


  • Continue to provide meaningful opportunities for young adults to meet and hear form other young adults that truly get it!
  • Clips of Encouragement Video Series for Young Adults
  • Host Instagram Live event monthly

Monthly Young Adult Meet-Ups:

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Want to Join the Young Adult SIG?

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