Family Support Group

Support Group
Contact: K. Peer Mugnier
405 Silverside Rd, Suite 204
Wilmington, Delaware 19809
ADA Accessible
Phone: 215-764-5297

Meeting Information:

Meeting day and time: Last Monday of every month - moving to every 2 weeks hopefully by October, 2023
Open To: Family and loved ones of people with OCD
Fee: $20 per person per session

When someone you love is struggling with anxiety or OCD, you are faced with a unique set of challenges: How should you respond to a loved one’s anxious behaviors and avoidances? How can you offer support without encouraging the anxiety? How can you best take care of yourself through these challenges?

The Wilmington area is home to many families, parents, spouses, partners, and supporters of someone diagnosed with OCD or an anxiety disorder. This professionally facilitated support group offers the opportunity to bring family members together, break the isolation many often experience, and share with others who truly understand your experience.

New group members are frequently filled with wonder when they finally meet others who understand the challenges and emotions of watching a loved one struggle with an anxiety disorder.

You belong with us… come listen, support, and learn.

Those interested in attending for the first time are asked to contact Dr. Peer Mugnier, (215) 764-5297. A brief screening may be required to be sure this support group is a good match for their needs.