OCD and Eating Disorders Online Therapy Group

Support Group
Contact: Lissette Cortes PsyD CEDS

Meeting Information:

Venue: Simple Practice
Meeting day and time: Mondays 6-7:15 p.m.
Open To: Adults resideing in all PsyPact states who have OCD and Eating Disorders
Fee: $75

OCD and Eating Disorders therapy group will launch this Summer! This group is open to adults in all participating PSYPACT states and meets online through secure video conferencing. This group incorporates exposure and response prevention principles as well as mindfulness and intuitive eating. The cost is $75 per session.

Group participants will:
-Practice exposure and response prevention principles to face their food fears.
-Achieve a more peaceful relationship with food and their body.
-Learn mindful and intuitive eating skills they can use to make choices around food and eating

Please email info@compassionateinst.com to register