OCD Ottawa Support Group

Support Group
Contact: Amanda

Meeting Information:

Venue: Microsoft Teams
Meeting day and time: Every two weeks on a Wednesday
Open To: Individuals living with OCD, 16 years and older
Fee: Free (occasional donation asked for)

We are a locally based group in Canada’s capital city, which prior to Covid 19 met once a month in person. Currently, we have opened our group to individuals in Canada. As we are a peer support group we do not provide any therapy. However, there is a group of six volunteers that rotate facilitating meetings for other individuals living with OCD. Most of us have done a variety of treatments including exposure response prevention and we have learned how to live with OCD relatively successfully. As a result, group members share, and we help provide similar stories so they know they are not alone, as well as, we help people catch compulsions and illuminate areas to bring forth with their care providers. We are an age 16+ group.

Please email Amanda @ info@ocdottawa.com for further instructions on how to join. This group is for Canadians.