Submit a Proposal for the 2023 IOCDF Research Symposium

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Submit a Proposal

We invite researchers of all backgrounds and levels of experience to submit a proposal to present at the 2023 IOCDF Research Symposium. Presentations on any research topic within OCD and related disorders will be considered.

Presentations can be given either live in-person in San Francisco, CA, or live virtually using slides and a webcam.

Proposal Deadline

Presentation proposals will be accepted through Wednesday, March 1, 2023, at 5pm ET. Applicants can expect to receive notification by May 2023.

Please note: Please do not use the form below to submit poster abstracts. Poster abstracts should be submitted here.

Proposal Format

We are offering three options for presentation format this year:

  • Full-length presentations that describe a program of research in detail (Approx. 30 minutes in duration)
  • Abbreviated presentations* that describe findings from a single experiment or study (Approx. 10-15 minutes in duration)
  • “Data blitz” presentations* that share the highlights of your data using just a few slides (Approx. 5 minutes in duration)

*Multiple submissions from a single research group are welcome and encouraged in the "Abbreviated" and "Data blitz" categories.

Proposal Elements

  • Abstract/Summary: This is the most important part of your submission. It helps us understand and evaluate how your presentation will impact the Symposium. In your summary, please make sure to highlight specific topics you are planning to cover. More specific presentation proposals will be given preference over vague descriptions.
  • Presentation format: Please be prepared to select one of the three available presentation format options (full, abbreviated, data blitz) as you will be asked to select a format when you submit your proposal. Please think carefully about which format will best suit the information you want to share at the Symposium.
  • Presenter's contact information and a brief biography.

Important Information

  • We have expanded the presentation opportunities to include live, virtual presentations using slides and webcam.
  • Please be aware that your affiliation and brief biography will be made available to the public through Symposium marketing and outreach materials.
  • If you submit your proposal and need to edit it, please email Note that changes cannot be made after the proposal submission deadline has expired. In the event of an emergency in which you are no longer available, please email to notify the IOCDF immediately.

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