Thank you for visiting the IOCDF's Action Center! Here you can find the latest information about bills in the US Congress that support the needs of the OCD and related disorders community. Your representatives and senators are considering these changes to public policy, and they need to hear from you about why they are so critical!

To contact your elected officials, simply click on one of the issue areas below. Enter your address information, write a brief personal note about why the issue is so important to you, and send your message.

Once you're done, you can return to this page to send messages about additional issues, and if you're signed up to receive emails about Public Policy from the IOCDF (see bottom of this page), we'll let you know each time we update this page with new ways to take action.

Tips for Telling Your Story:

  • You are the expert on your own story. Be confident that you have something valuable and important to say. Legislators should want to hear what life is really like in their district for constituents with mental illness, their family members, and mental health professionals.
  • Make your story personal. How has your life - or the life of a friend, family member, or client - been impacted by the issue(s) the bills deal with?
  • Include others in the community. Your story is uniquely yours, but many people face similar challenges. Give your story a sense of scope by mentioning the many other people who would benefit from legislators taking action.
  • Ask your elected representatives to help. We've included our specific requests in your email template already, so don't worry about needing to include specific requests in your story. Once you've added your story, you are ready to send your email.

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