BFRB Treatment Group for Adults in WA State

Contact Name: Tamara Harrison
Venue: Simple Practice (Similar to Zoom)
Day & Time: Wednesdays at 4pm or Fridays at 9am weekly for 6 weeks
Open To: Adults (18+) with OCD or a related disorder
Fee: $50 per session


This group provides support and treatment to those with BFRB’s, such as skin-picking, nail-biting, and hair pulling. Members will learn how to use evidence-based treatments to manage their BFRB, control relapses, and gain control over their lives, so that they can focus more on the things they love! We will be using the Habit Reversal Training model, alongside helpful resources, such as workbooks. You owe it to yourself to gain the confidence that comes with recovery from this debilitating disorder! Group will last 6 weeks and will meet virtually. Open to residents of WA state.