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A preview of the program for the 23rd Annual OCD Conference, taking place July 29-31, 2016, in Chicago is now online, and registration is now open.

Some highlights of the 2016 program include:

  • A brand new presentation series focusing on OCD and Substance Use, offering talks for individuals, family members, and therapists. We are also introducing a new Research to Clinical Practice series, which will bring researchers and therapists together to begin bridging the gaps between research and treatment.
  • Back by popular demand, this year’s Conference will also feature a Young Adult track, a Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) series, and a PANDAS/PANS series.
  • The 4th Annual Hoarding Meeting dedicated to hoarding disorder information, treatment, and research, including a pre-conference professional training session, a 2-day presentation track, and support groups.
  • The brand new Bilingual Program/Programa Bilingüe, which transforms the Spanish Conference from years past into a fully bilingual, integrated experience for the entire Conference community.
  • Many special Evening Activities (including the return of Improv for Anxiety brought to you by the Second City Training Center, OCD Pub Trivia, and many more!) and Support Groups for a wide variety of audiences.
  • Plus, other great offerings for everyone in the OCD community, including programs for kids and teens, parents & families, therapists & researchers, and many more.

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  • Gail Cuddy

    I am a parent of a teen who had severe onset OCD when entering High School. He is now completing his 1st yr as a College student. We attended the last OCD convention in Chicago and were very much impressed.
    I am interested in being a room monitor at this yrs. convention. Please forward this to the person I need to connect with. Thank you, Gail Cuddy

    • Sydney Nolan

      Hi Gail — This year’s Conference volunteer application is not up yet, but will be shortly in the coming weeks. You can join our Conference mailing list here to make sure you get future updates, including an announcement about when volunteer applications open, or feel free to email conference@iocdf.org if you have more specific questions related to volunteering or this year’s event.

    • Vicki Walk

      Gail, I would be interested in talking with you about your experience with your child and the transition to college. I am in the same boat. Would greatly appreciate your perspectives. Thank you

  • Clare McClure

    Hi, I was diagnosed with OCD after a breakdown 18 months ago and have noticed signs of anxiety and OCD beginning in my 9 year old daughter.

    I would love the opportunity to attend this conference. I was having a look at the scholarships. Are they only available to individuals from the US? I am in Ireland…


    • Carly Bourne

      Hi Clare-

      Scholarships are open to to everyone who meets the need criteria, whether or not you live in the U.S. For more information about the program please visit http://ocd2016.org/about/scholarship/ or if you have further questions, please email Stephanie Cogen at scogen@iocdf.org.

    • Sydney Nolan

      Hi Clare — individuals outside of the US are also eligible for scholarships, and they’ve gone to international attendees in the past. You could also consider volunteering at the Conference as well. The volunteer application opened last week, and the deadline to apply by is next Friday, April 29. Feel free to email conference@iocdf.org if you have further questions about either of these!

  • Don

    Hi there: will there be any sessions focused on people with “pure obsessional” OCD? hope so! Thanks.

    • Sydney Nolan

      Hi Don — This talk is probably most relevant to what you’re looking for, but many of the presentations throughout the weekend could also be helpful. Be sure to check the Program Guide each attendee receives when they check in to the Conference, as that will also have short summaries of what each talk will be covering to help you decide what might be most applicable and interesting.

  • Don

    Sounds good Sydney. I know that the “Pure Obsessional” (Pure-O) form of OCD has been getting more and more recognition in recent years thanks to folks such as Dr. Steven Phillipson in New York and many others.

    It’s great to know that there will be a session at the conference dedicated to this silent, but very challenging, form of OCD. Perhaps some day, an entire day of activities at the conference may be devoted to Pure-O.

    Best, Don


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