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We are already scouting out locations for the 28th Annual OCD Conference, which will be held in the year 2021!

We’ve narrowed down our choices based on cities in the Eastern US that have hotels that fit our Conference needs, and that offer family-friendly activities and attractions, while also staying affordable. But we’d like to know where YOU want to go, so please vote below:


  • Alan Landay

    For the 2021 IOCDF conference, I vote for Philadelphia. I have enjoyed my visits there. Other choices are New York City and Boston (I know we have been there recently.)

  • Paula Murphy

    A compact city with lots of history to discover and wonderful restaurants.

  • Tina

    I wonder if Syracuse or Albany, NY are perhaps too small? Big cities trigger my OCD.

  • Rachel Hager

    I Vote Omaha NE. I Can’t Travel Far Because Of Money And I Am In School Still. Also Iowa Is Another Place

  • Lori Tonti

    Tough choices, Philadelphia, but would also enjoy Orlando.

  • Laura Martin

    We have greatly enjoyed adding a few days to each conference for a family vacation. And there are so many Orlando theme park attractions that it would be wonderful to just add a few days and a few parks!

    • Kayla Zebrowski

      Chapel Hill or Boston, and Milwaukee for 2022! That way they are close to major OCD treatment centers. I would love for it to be at a Hilton once in a while!

  • David Worthington

    Nashville is a fantastic city. Rogers Memorial Hospital has a location there. Tennessee needs more OCD awareness.

    • Alan Landay

      I am originally from Tennessee. I would be pleased if the conference was in Nashville.

  • Patrick Holland

    Chicago was good
    Accessible city and good facilities
    Atlanta also
    Haven’t travelled to west coast conferences
    Too far from overseas!

  • Rich Gallagher, LMFT

    I’d vote for DC or Philly. Nashville sounds like fun too. All within a day’s drive of 1/3 of the US population, but much cheaper than NYC. Hope to join you all!

  • I think Orlando would be a great venue. Great family vacation spot. Plenty of wonderful attractions and restaurants. Orlando has tons of hotels and meeting places. I’ve conferenced in Orlando many times. My second vote is Philadelphia. It’s my hometown.

    • Staving Hershman

      Definitely agree, I live in Philadelphia and We have great resources for OCD, great historical sites, great eateries and accomadations.

      • Alan

        I prefer Philly over Orlando. Orlando is a fine place but very hot with daily Thunderstorms in summer. I went to college in the area and worked there one summer.

  • Heather Smith

    Orlando would be great, lots of things to do. Great hotels, lots to choose from.

  • Andree Headings

    I think Orlando would be a great choice with lots of hotels and lots of fun things to do.

  • Chris

    Agree that Nashville would be a great location and presumably more reasonably priced than some of the other choices? Orlando is incredibly hot in the middle of summer. Hard to believe Atlanta wouldn’t have sufficient conference space?
    If space weren’t an issue I’d pick Pittsburgh or possibly Baltimore. The biggest factor for me and my family is overall cost- the conferences are always awesome but Boston, Chicago and California are all expensive to get to and stay/tour.

    I love the DC idea for proximity and for all the free tourist choices.

  • Molly Martinez

    Do you have a list of the other IOCDF conferences planned between now (2017) and 2021? It would be very helpful if that info was easily available. I don’t see it on the Conference page. Thanks!

    • Meghan Buco

      Hi Molly, as of now we have the Conferences planned for 2018 in Washington D.C. and 2019 in Austin, TX. You can find the information here https://iocdf.org/programs/conference/. We do not yet have 2020 and 2021 locations ready to announce.

      • Molly Martinez

        Thanks, Meghan!

      • We really need you to come to Seattle!!!

  • Jada Layne

    Nashville, TN. I went to Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, WI while they were in the process of opening the Nashville Rogers. Plus, there’s not many therapist and pyciatrics and doctors in general that treat or know anything about OCD in the area. It’s sad really. Hopefully these doctors would come and educate themselves so they can help people like me. I’m from southwest Va and have to drive 3 hours to the closest therapist that knows anything about OCD.

  • Laura Carrico

    I think Louisville, KY would be a great place! It would definitely help in raising awareness in the area. While it is the largest city in Kentucky, it is not as large as New York or Boston and is family friendly and full of history,as well as surrounding small towns! It is also home to the Louisville OCD Clinic. As mentioned in other comments, Nashville would also be a great host and home to one of the Rogers Clinics!

  • Kaysha

    Nashville please oh please!!!!

  • L

    Orlando is my pick. Lots to do
    2nd is Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
    Close to ocean and the balmy evening breezes.
    We’re inside during the day anyway.
    Can’t remember a Tropical Storm or hurricane in mid July
    I’d like to conference someplace where we haven’t before

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