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Meet IOCDF Advocate Krista Reed LSCSW! Krista shares the reasons why she became an IOCDF Advocate in her poem below. Learn more about our advocate program

Why am I an advocate?

Why do I like to support?

Why does it have to be me?

When my time is already so short.


I am an owner of a therapy practice

and am married, and a mother of two.

I am incredibly social and active in Wichita.

But you see, I have OCD, too.


It all started around the age of eight

When blasphemous thoughts flooded my mind

And I kept it all a secret because

I felt sacrilegious and unrefined.


So all of my thoughts remained classified

Each one hidden under lock and key

Then slowly they were uncovered in college

In the form of "perfect" symmetry.


The thoughts grew into a tyrant

Controlling my mind and filling with doubt

Then a doctor wrote "OCD" on a document

Which birthed the reassurance to seek out.

I asked my mom, my dad, and my friends

If OCD could indeed draw breathe in me

Then I googled a therapist, who surely would know

"Do I actually have OCD?"


The "specialist" lied. He had no idea.

He told me, "Everything in your head is distorted."

He reassured me that everything was "just fine."

I have never felt so unsupported.


So here is why I am an advocate.

And this is why I also treat OCD.

Because I was harmed by someone who lied.

And everyone deserves recovery.

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About Krista Reed, LSCSW

Krista is a mental health clinician in Wichita, KS who specializes in OCD, BFRBs, and BDD. Krista was diagnosed with OCD and Excoriation Disorder in 2007 and struggled finding help in her community. During this challenge, she herself became trained in treating OC and other related disorders. Krista is an advocate in her community for proper treatment and education about OC and other related disorders. In 2021, she founded the ICT OCD Alliance, which is a grassroots alliance group of therapists who treat OC and other related disorders. The focus of this alliance is to spread awareness in the Wichita community so sufferers can find help sooner and get the proper treatment they deserve. Krista also provides presentations in her community to end the stigma of these disorders.

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