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For many kids like Reese, symptoms of OCD begin during the formative years of childhood. It can take years for families to learn what their child is experiencing and get them the help that they need. Even in situations where a child receives a prompt diagnosis and access to effective treatment, they can still feel “different” from classmates and friends their age, making a profound impact on their experience in the world. You can help us address these challenges head-on.

IOCDF programs like Anxiety in the Classroom provide school personnel with ready-to-share training modules so they are equipped to recognize and respond to signs of OCD and anxiety disorders. Our pediatric-focused BTTI trains clinicians to design and implement treatment for youth with OCD and incorporate the family into the treatment to maximize positive outcomes. After a child is diagnosed and begins treatment, events like the Online OCD Camp and Annual OCD Conference provide them and their families unparalleled access to education and a sense of community.

It is our mission to ensure that no child affected by OCD ever suffers alone and that they, like Reese, get the care and community they need to ride the wave and thrive.

As a largely donor-funded charity, our programs rely on the generosity of our donors. If you're in a position to give today, consider making a donation to help us expand pediatric programming to support all kids like Reese.

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