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Relearning Self Compassion with a New Diagnosis

Written by IOCDF Advocate, Krista Reed, LSCSW. Learn more about our advocate program. For more information about Body Dysmorphic Disorder and treatment, please visit the International OCD Foundation’s Body Dysmorphic Disorder website. Welcome to my unfinished journey towards recovery.  I am calling this new chapter, “What?!? ANOTHER Diagnosis?!?” Granted, I have known about this one for… Read more »

Avoidance and Anxiety

Written by IOCDF Advocate Andrew GottWorth. Learn more about our advocate program. If you’re like me, when you first learned about OCD, you thought it was about hand washing and alphabetizing DVD collections. Later I learned about intrusive thoughts and other types of compulsions. Even though I was in therapy for anxiety and depression for… Read more »

Why I Walk: Maya Tadross

  Walk with members of the OCD community across the nation this October at a One Million Steps for OCD Walk. Find a walk happening near you and register today. Join the International OCD Foundation and its official Affiliates in October for the One Million Steps for OCD Walk, as we join together to challenge… Read more »


“I began advocating for individuals who live with OCD and their loved ones because I want to educate people on proper OCD treatments and use my story to let them know there is hope.” — Maya Todross on “Why I Became An Advocate” Written by IOCDF Advocate Maya Todross. Learn more about our advocate program… Read more »

My Journey to Finding an LGBTQ+ Affirming OCD Therapist

Written by IOCDF Advocate Alexandra Reynolds OCD therapy was not the place I imagined, and coming out as bisexual and gender fluid, I didn’t think my sexual and gender identities mattered in or affected my treatment. Having already experienced coming out to less than affirming therapists, I was too afraid to broach the subject again…. Read more »

Why I Became an Advocate: Ezra Homonoff

IOCDF Advocate Ez Homonoff shares why they became an OCD advocate by writing a beautiful song titled “Braver”. Check out the lyrics below! Learn more about our advocate program. “Braver” (by Ez Homonoff) When I was a kid, I had OCD, but really OCD had me I was wrapped around its crooked fingers and felt I… Read more »

Why I Became an Advocate: Alexandra Reynolds

Meet IOCDF Advocate Alexandra Reynolds! Alex shares the reasons why she became an IOCDF Advocate. Learn more about our advocate program. There are many reasons I became an advocate, but my biggest passion lies in creating a safe and welcoming space for the Latinx/Hispanic and BIPOC communities. As a First-Generation Latina, I often felt alone in… Read more »