An Inside Look at the Special Hoarding Program at the 20th Annual OCD Conference

At this year’s Annual OCD Conference in Atlanta, we are excited to be hosting the first-ever Special Hoarding Program within the larger conference program. Though we always try to present offerings about a range of disorder related to OCD, this is the most in-depth conference programming we have ever offered on the topic of hoarding…. Read more »

The Fifth and Final 1993 Dance Party Playlist Poll: Slow Jams

We are now only ten days away from the start of the 20th Annual OCD Conference in Atlanta!  Today is the last day of our 1993 Playlist countdown to help pick the songs for our Saturday Evening Social, and so far we have some interesting results in previous days’ polls:

Vote in our 1993 Dance Party Playlist Countdown: Day 4

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  We took a break from our 1993 Playlist Countdown for the holiday weekend, but we are back today with Day 4! Help us choose the songs dance the night away to at the Saturday Evening Social at next week’s 20th Annual OCD Conference in… Read more »

Saturday Evening Social 1993 Dance Party Contest – Day 3

Happy (almost) 4th of July everybody!!!  We are just over two weeks away from the start of the 20th Annual OCD Conference in Atlanta, and we are excited! (And BUSY!) Today is Day 3 of our countdown of all of the greatest 1993 songs to build the best 1993 playlist for the Saturday Evening Social… Read more »

1993 Dance Party Contest – Day 2

Yesterday we kicked off our 1993 Dance Party Playlist Contest for the 20th Annual OCD Conference Saturday Evening Social with our top 5 DANCE favorites from 1993. So far, we have a tie between “Rhythm is a Dancer” and “What is Love,” but anything could happen by Friday (don’t forget to vote in yesterday’s poll… Read more »

1993 Dance Party at the 20th Annual OCD Conference

Did you know our first annual OCD conference was held 20 years ago in 1993? Since then, it has grown into a huge event, with over 1,000 individuals with OCD and related disorders, family members, and mental health professionals coming together to share information about OCD treatment and research. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of… Read more »

Coming to Terms With Mental Illness

Recovery can be one of those watershed moments for those with OCD. Fletcher Wortmann — one of the speakers on this year’s new Young Adult track at next month’s OCD Conference — recently wrote a great blog talking about this feeling: I was born in 2007, at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts.  And it’s the… Read more »

I Really Am Sooo OCD: Writing About OCD to Reduce Stigma

In March, I had an opportunity to help spread the word about OCD—including my own obsessions and struggles—in a huge public forum: the Huffington Post website. OCD was suddenly a timely topic after Lena Dunham’s character on Girls displayed symptoms, and while I was excited about the opportunity to tell a large audience more about the disorder,… Read more »

Kicking OCD’s Butt – A New Workshop for Kids

As we get closer to next month’s 20th Annual OCD Conference in Atlanta, we’ll be highlighting some of the new and exciting programs we are offering this year. First up, the new experiential workshop for kids and teens: A Weekend Adventure of Kicking OCD’s Butt. To tell you more about this fun new program, we asked workshop leaders Rachel Busman, PsyD, and Jerry Bubrick, PhD, to answer some frequently asked questions.

#OCDchat Archive – 2013 OCD Conference Q+A

Miss the chat? View a live replay of the conversation below. Learn more about our #OCDchat series, and view a schedule of upcoming chats here.