If you are Black with OCD, you are no longer alone

Following on from my previous article Shaun Flores: A man with a mission to change representation in OCD. I remain emboldened, determined and relentless in my pursuit to finding more… Read more »

OCD in Wonderland


By Krista Reed OCD is often called an “intruder”, a “bully” and even a “worthy adversary.”  In this case, I am going to compare it to one of my all-time… Read more »

OCD: The First Visit

Step stairs

By Chris R.  Warning:  This blog includes graphic content.  I’ve been reading a lot lately about my fellow OCD sufferer’s experiences with OCD; particularly the first time they felt it… Read more »

Another ill-informed brand laughs about OCD

Swiglife Cups

  UPDATE:  Since the posting of this article, Swiglife has removed the post in question.  Read our follow-up here.  By Shaun Flores By now you would think brands wouldn’t make… Read more »

Never Give Up!

Rock climbers

As a 5-11, over 240-pound man, if you saw me on the street you would not think anything is wrong with me. The truth though is far different — I… Read more »