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Why I’m An Advocate: Kim Vincenty

Meet IOCDF advocate Kim Vincenty! Kim shares the reasons why she became an advocate below. Learn more about our advocate program. My heart pounded in my chest. I had low-grade nausea and sweaty palms, and I couldn’t sleep. My ten-year-old son had been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and became completely debilitated within a matter… Read more »

Why I Became an Advocate: Alexandra Reynolds

Meet IOCDF Advocate Alexandra Reynolds! Alex shares the reasons why she became an IOCDF Advocate. Learn more about our advocate program. There are many reasons I became an advocate, but my biggest passion lies in creating a safe and welcoming space for the Latinx/Hispanic and BIPOC communities. As a First-Generation Latina, I often felt alone in… Read more »

10 Ways to Be an OCD Advocate

At the IOCDF, we get many inquiries from folks who either have OCD, love a person with OCD, or treat a person with OCD, who want to know what they can do to help. The truth is, there are so many ways you can advocate for the community, within your community—and we’ve got plenty of… Read more »

Help Us Create a Video About Effective Treatment for Everyone

We Are Asking for the Help of the OCD Community! Mental illness doesn’t discriminate — and everyone deserves access to effective treatment for OCD and related disorders, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what language you speak. We are asking for the participation of you, the greater OCD community, to help… Read more »

UNSTUCK Filmmakers Gear Up for the 24th Annual OCD Conference

*written by Chris Baier and Kelly Anderson, producers of UNSTUCK We can’t wait to debut our film, UNSTUCK, at the Keynote presentation during this year’s Annual OCD Conference (#OCDCon). The film has been a two-year journey for us and it all started with a conversation our kids had with each other about their OCD. During… Read more »

View the New Documentary “Living With Me and My OCD”

In the recent documentary film, “Living With Me and My OCD,” Clair Watkinson, attempts to spread awareness about the many stigmas and misconceptions that surround obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Drawing on her own long-standing struggle with OCD, Clair began working on the documentary in 2012, with the goal of improving the general public’s understanding of… Read more »

Video: View the Powerful Keynote Address by Clint & Joanie Malarchuk

We were honored to have Clint Malarchuk and his wife, Joanie Malarchuk, as keynote speakers at the 2015 Annual OCD Conference in Boston last month. Their talk was a powerful testament to the importance of family and a strong support network. But also a powerful reminder about how many obstacles people often have to go… Read more »

Out of the Shadows: Guest Post by Denis Asselin

Memorial Day Weekend is not only a time to celebrate the beginning of summer with friends and family, but also a time to remember those who we may have lost. In today’s blog, we are honored to share a guest post from Denis Asselin as he remembers his son Nathaniel and the journey Nathaniel’s loss inspired. “Are… Read more »