Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit

Intensive Treatment Program, Residential Program
Director: David Veale, MD, FRCPsych
Contact Name: David Veale, MD, FRCPsych
Bethlem Royal Hospital Dower House
Monks Orchard Road
Beckenham, Greater London BR3 3BX
United Kingdom


The Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit began with Professor Isaac Marks at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in 1969. The early years pioneered the development of exposure and response prevention by nurse therapists for OCD and included collaboration with Professor Jack Rachman. In 1991, it became a residential unit without 24-hour staff. More recently the unit has developed into a Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Community based on a Compassionate Mind and positive reinforcement. The Medical Director is David Veale, Consultant Psychiatrist specializing in CBT. He has co-authored self-help books (for example Overcoming OCD and Overcoming Body Image problems published by Robinson) and a professional treatment manual for BDD.

There is a team of 5 accredited therapists, 2 doctors, 2 occupational therapists, and 3 assistant therapists. This program is a national specialist service in the UK and most of the patients have a severe treatment refractory condition and are funded by the National Health Service.

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