Anxiety Institute (Madison, NJ)

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Stacey Dobrinsky, Ph.D.
Contact Name: Dr. Daniel Villiers, Founder/Director Admissions
333 Main St
Suite 200
Madison, New Jersey 07940


Anxiety Institute offers an intensive outpatient program designed for youth and young adults struggling with moderate to severe anxiety and OCD. Anxiety Institute provides comprehensive, continuous care for expedited and enduring recovery.

Daily Treatment Includes:
• Individual Therapy: Individual, one-to-one therapy including exposure-focused cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

• Applied Behavioral Therapy: Using principles of evidenced-based CBT, our Exposure Coaches work with your child to practice skills and strategies learned in therapy until they become habit.

• Group Therapy: Group therapy is facilitated by our trained clinicians using curated curriculum to educate the group on bio-psycho-social experience of anxiety/OCD.

• Wellness: A Wellness hour is critical to enabling your child to participate in activities outside their comfort zone, bond with other clients, process intensive clinical work and learn new skills.

• Family Therapy: Coaching, consultation and psychoeducation to ensure parent success in their critical role in recovery.

• Support Group: A weekly support group for parents who want to learn how to support their child, avoid accommodating behaviors, and manage their own emotions around parenting a child suffering with anxiety disorder or OCD.

We also offer weekly/bi-weekly sessions and custom intensive programs, with treatment intensity matching the severity of symptoms.