Community West Treatment OCD Program

Intensive Treatment Program
Director: Flavio Marenco, PhD
Contact Name: Gabriel Bach
1990 S. Bundy
Ste 320
Los Angeles, California 90025


The OCD and Anxiety Disorders Program at Community West Treatment in West Los Angeles is an intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for OCD and related disorders for adolescents and young adults. It treats OCD and related disorders with exposure and response prevention (ERP) and other empirically-supported CBT strategies that have been shown through research to be effective for these conditions. The program will provide treatment for at least three hours per day, five days a week. Each client will meet with a licensed CBT therapist for one session every day, followed by multiple exposure sessions with a behavior coach based on the clinical needs of the client. We also offer a structured step-down, 3-day per week schedule.

Community West has two distinct treatment services offered at different times during the day. Our Youth Services for adolescents (ages 13-17) are provided during after-school hours (4PM-7:30PM). Our Young Adult Services are provided during morning and early afternoon hours (9AM-3PM). In addition to individual office therapy sessions and in-vivo exposures in real-life settings, clients in both programs participate in group therapy, family therapy, and experiential activities that in combination provide the most comprehensive outpatient treatment available.

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