OCD North

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Merrisa Little
Contact Name: Heather Armstrong
11 Sophia Street West
Barrie, L4N 1H9
Phone: 7052439923

Our team of social workers specializes in OCD and related disorders:
Merrisa Little (Bragg) has a particular infinity for teaching and mentoring social workers and social work interns, and uses the progressive cascading model to develop the next generation of ERP experts.
Shaina Charles has a passion for parent-based treatment (SPACE) and paediatric OCD.
Teresa Harris has extensive training in trauma and OCD, using Prolonged Exposure (PE) and ERP respectively.
Melissa Walker’s favourite subtype of OCD to treat is taboo OCD, debunking shame with each exposure!

All of our staff have extensive training in Exposure and Response Prevention for the treatment of OCD, Habit Reversal Training for BFRBs, and CBIT for tics and Tourettes.

Free programs include our Parent and Caregiver Monthly Support Program: led by parents, for parents. We offer one-on-one peer mentorship opportunities as well.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic:

  • Merrisa Little, MSW, RSW
  • Sarah Bryson, MSW, RSW
  • Melissa Walker, MSW, RSW
  • Shaina Charles, MSW, RSW
  • Monique Obeng, MSW, RSW