The Gateway Institute (Costa Mesa)

Intensive Treatment Program
Director: James Sterner, LMFT
Contact Name: James Sterner, LMFT
940 South Coast Drive
Suite 235
Costa Mesa, California 92626

The Gateway Institute proudly sets itself apart from other OCD centers by specializing in treatment programs tailored to each individual client providing one-on-one treatment while offering 24-hour support. Our intensive outpatient treatment program treats the unique needs of each client understanding that “one size does not fit all.” Clients learn strategies for lifelong management of OCD by identifying tools, techniques, and behaviors to support their emergence from the cycle of compulsions. We guide clients to identify their own strengths and enable them to overcome symptoms and fine-tune a post-treatment program that utilizes newly identified skills and abilities for lifelong management of symptoms.

Our intensive program is a 3-week, 45-hour program that incorporates the most effective approaches available for OCD treatment. Throughout treatment, 24-hour support is provided as well as family education and home visits when applicable. The intensive treatment program also incorporates a 6-week relapse prevention plan giving the client tools to remain on track with progress gained. Relapse prevention is a vital component of any treatment protocol since it allows the therapist to continue to support the client and monitor progress even after he or she completes the program.

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OCD Specialists At This Clinic:

  • James Sterner, LMFT