UF Health OCD, Anxiety, and Related Disorders Clinic

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Joe McNamara, PhD & Megan Barthle-Herrera, PhD
Contact Name: Ashley Ordway, MEd, EdS
4197 NW 86th Terrace
UF Health Division of Psychology at SH2
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Founded by Drs. Wayne Goodman and Gary Geffken in 1991, The UF Health OCD, Anxiety, and Related Disorders Clinic has been in existence for 30 years. Dr. Joseph McNamara is currently Chief of the Division of Psychology. Our clinic specializes in the treatment of OCD and related disorders across the lifespan. The division has produced hundreds of published studies and book chapters that focus on the assessment and treatment of these disorders. Numerous OCD spectrum disorder treatment specialists and researchers have been trained in this program.

We work collaboratively with psychiatry and thus, provide the option of psychopharmacological augmentation. Additionally, we collaborate with the UF Center for OCD, Anxiety and Related Disorders (COARD). COARD is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians who conduct clinical and translational research in obsessive compulsive and anxiety disorders. The Division of Psychology also works with COARD and the Department of Psychiatry to conduct Fear Facers Camp, a summer day camp for children with OCD and related disorders.

Many local accommodations offer a “hospital rate” for those seeking treatment. Those who may not be able to afford lodging can apply to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Patients are required to provide their own transportation.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic:

  • Megan Barthle-Herrera, Ph.D.
  • Joseph McNamara, Ph.D.
  • Ashley Ordway, M.Ed./Ed.S.
  • Andrea Guastello, Ph.D.
  • Melissa Munson, Ph.D.
  • Matt Daley, Ph.D.
  • Carol Mathews, M.D.