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Spring 2007 - Vol 21, Num 2

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Scrupulosity: Blackmailed By OCD in the Name of God by Laurie Krauth, MA
Paroxitene and Birth Defects by Paul Cannistraro, MD
Research Digest
An Interview with the Treatment Team Running the New Child Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital: Bradley C.
Riemann, PhD, Peter Lake, MD, and Karin Beal, MEd
OCD: A Mother’s Story by Lisa Buchanan
Informal Mindfulness Training Improves Treatment Response for People with OCD Co-morbid with PTSD by Eda Gorbis, PhD, Chris Molnar, PhD and James Sterner, MA, MFT
Book Review: Compulsive Hoarding and Acquiring by Gail Steketee, PhD and Randy Frost, PhD
On Attending a Mental Health Parity Forum by David L. Kupfer, PhD
What Can I Do To Get Equal Mental Health Insurance Coverage?

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