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For those of you joining the IOCDF as a Professional Member for the first time — welcome, we're so glad to have you join our community! For those of you renewing your membership, thank you for your continued support. Professional Membership includes either a hardcopy print (mailed via USPS) or digital (link sent via email) subscription to the quarterly OCD Newsletter (along with access to the online OCD Newsletter Archive). View a full list of Professional Member benefits here.

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Your response to these questions will help the IOCDF in the creation of future program opportunities as well as provide more specific demographic information about our diverse OCD community.

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At the IOCDF, we are committed to keeping membership dues affordable, making membership available to those who need our help the most. We rely heavily on the generosity of our donors to fund the many programs and research projects provided by the Foundation. If you find yourself in a position to make a charitable contribution beyond your membership renewal, we respectfully ask that you consider making a gift to the IOCDF.

Terms and Conditions
Professional Membership with the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), and the associated benefits detailed above, is available to all independently licensed clinicians who pay a yearly membership fee of $150 who are interested in joining a community of professionals who treat OCD and related disorders. Professional Membership with the IOCDF is not an accreditation or certification in any way and does not imply a recommendation from the IOCDF. Membership fees allow access to the membership benefits described above. The IOCDF name and logo may be used on professional member websites, emails, or other marketing collateral only when demonstrating membership with the IOCDF and/or sharing the IOCDF website and programs as resources without any additional language and must always link to the IOCDF website (www.IOCDF.org). The IOCDF name and logo may not be used to market the services of the provider or imply any accreditation or endorsement by the IOCDF. Violation of these policies will result in suspension or termination of member status. By purchasing a Professional Membership, you are opting in to receive email updates from the IOCDF including but not limited to upcoming trainings, events, new programming, and support opportunities.