Sheenie Ambardar M.D.

The Happiness Psychiatrist®

324 S. Beverly Drive
Suite 232
Beverly Hills, California 90212
Phone: 424-666-8058

Narrative of Services:

Founded in 2012, our award-winning psychiatry practice has been helping patients with OCD for over a decade. We specialize in treating all sub-types of OCD as well as Perfectionism, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Eating Disorders. Dr. Ambardar uses psychiatric medications coupled with an eclectic blend of therapeutic modalities including CBT, psychodynamic therapy, skills training, and spirituality to better help her patients.

Training Description:

As an award-winning Adult Psychiatrist, I have been successfully treating patients with OCD for the past 15 years.

Diversity Statement:

I identify as a Kashmiri Hindu Indian American.

As a cultural minority myself (Kashmiri Hindu Indian American), I’m intimately familiar with the importance of cultural competency. In my psychiatry practice, I place importance on understanding the culture, background, and unique ancestral histories of the patients I treat. I think this leads to better, more honest mental health care and more positive treatment outcomes.

Treatment Groups:


Led by Dr. Ambardar, our online Women’s Self-Compassion group meets weekly and teaches self-compassion, assertiveness, and self-esteem skills. You will learn how to value your voice, how to lessen codependent behaviors, and how to build a loving relationship with yourself. The group meets online every Tuesday from 7:00-8:30 pm PST. Open to adult women. Fee: $100/session, made in a payment of $400 at the beginning of each month. Superbills are provided upon request.