Jill Davidson PsyD

1130 SW Morrison st
suite 619
Portland, Oregon 97205
Phone: 503-894-9630

Narrative of Services:

All of her practice is dedicated to work with patients who present with OCD and related conditions. Dr. Davidson has facilitated in-service trainings on OCD and related disorders at various counseling centers and conferences, provides training and supervision to graduate students in psychology, as well as to medical residents in psychiatry. She has multiple national and international publications and presentations on related topics.

She is the chair of the Oregon Psychological Ethics Committee and is founding board member of the International OCD Foundation Oregon affiliate. She earned a Behavior Therapy Training Institute Certification from The International OCD Foundation.

Dr. Davidson is comfortable and competent in working with people from diverse backgrounds.

Training Description:

Dr Davidson is the founder and director of the Portland Anxiety Clinic. The clinic was founded in 2011. We specialize in treating OCD and related conditions using evidenced based interventions. Dr. Davidson is an expert in the treatment of anxiety and related disorders. Her practice is focused on providing effective and long-lasting treatment using the latest Cognitive Behavioral Therapy interventions. She works with children, adolescents, and adults. A unique component of her practice is her willingness to work in the community and make home visits.

Dr. Davidson has attended numerous multi-cultural and diversity trainings. The most recent training attended was, “Do no harm: Utilizing an anti-racist lens as a white therapist.”