Adam C. Frank MD, PhD

2250 Alcazar St
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, California 90033
ADA Accessible
Phone: 323-442-6000

Narrative of Services:

Our clinic sees patients experiencing a variety of mental health conditions, though OCD and OCD-related disorders make up greater than 50% of my practice. We offer medication management and neuromodulation treatment options including transcranial magnet stimulation and deep brain stimulation.

Training Description:

I completed medical school and PhD training as a neuroscientist. I completed psychiatry residency and received specialized training in neuromodulation treatments for OCD. I receive ongoing clinical supervision from a member of the Scientific Advisory Board based at the University of Southern California.

Diversity Statement:

Our clinic treats individuals from diverse cultural and sociodemographic backgrounds and we are committed to providing high quality care to all our patients.