Elizabeth Kieff MD

1 East Erie
Suite 355
Chicago, Illinois 60611
ADA Accessible

Narrative of Services:

I am lucky to practice in a group setting with colleagues who come from a variety of different training backgrounds. About 60-70% of my patients are individuals who have OCD with co-morbid disorders, and of that group, another 75% are those who are Emerging Adults. We help patients with a number of different modalities: psychopharmacology, CBT, ACT and group therapy. For the past two years, a colleague and I have been running a CBT group for college students with severe OCD.

Training Description:

I have been treating patients with OCD for over a decade, focusing initially on Emerging Adults (18-30 year olds) and more recently, as I have left a University Student Heath Center and moved into private practice, adults of all ages. I integrate psychopharmacology and psychotherapy taking primarily a Cognitive Behavioral approach to treatment. At times, I am both therapist and physician and at times, I happily collaborate with others who share my overall approach and who are well versed in CBT. I am grateful to the psychologists at The University of Chicago who are responsible for my training.

Diversity Statement:

Having spent most of my life on Chicago’s South Side and in a University setting, I am lucky to have developed a high degree of cultural fluency. Working with individuals from Diverse backgrounds has always been a part of my career, my training and my lived experiences. I am open to, and welcome a chance to, continue to engage with and learn from all my patients.

In my former roles as a Student Affairs Dean, Faculty member and University Student Mental Health Psychiatrist, I have participated in and led many Cultural Competency workshops. These have included workshops on LGBTQ+, Multiculturalism, International student issues and First-Generation Students.