Asociación TOC Zaragoza

Global Partner
Contact Name: Yann Lana
Calle de Mariano Lagasca 13
Zaragoza, 50006

TOC Zaragoza stands for Asociación de Trastorno Obsesivo Compulsivo de Zaragoza and is a spanish OCD association at Aragon autonomous community. TOC Zaragoza is a provincewide non-profit organization founded in 2018 with the task of supporting people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). This association only works with volunteers. We also collaborate with other mental health organizations in Spain and we would like to been a partner in planning and launching an OCD Center in the community led in partnership with the Aragon autonomous community directorate of health. Goals of our organization include advocacy, organize activities (workshops, talks, sports, dinners, etc.) for those affected and their families. Also raising awareness through the website and social networks, events related to OCD. Publicize OCD in educational centers and guide teachers and tutors with students diagnosed with this disorder. Fight to ensure that the health system of our Community has an OCD Treatment Center.