OCD Midwest

Contact Name: Patrick McGrath, PhD
Chicago, Illinois 60606


OCD Midwest’s mission is to bring information about OCD to the Midwest states of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, though we of course welcome all other states in the Midwest to utilize our information as well. We hope to be able to be a source of the most up-to-date information about OCD, OCD research, and fund raising opportunities for the OCD community.


OCD Midwest is going to do an OCD Walk in Chicago in June! We have started to meet with a small committee but we would welcome any and all who would like to participate. If you are interested, please see the OCD Midwest website, the OCD Midwest Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OCDMidwestAffiliate, or email Patrick.mcgrath@amitahealth.org and you can be a part of our walk committee. The walk will be on either June 2 or June 9 and will be 3 miles (5K) and the location is still being finalized. We are looking for volunteers to help set up the walk, guide walkers on the path, donors to get the walk set up, and volunteers to work at some informational booths.

In Cincinnati, the Clinician Case Consultation series has 12 therapists meeting monthly at the Lindner Center of HOPE to build their skills and broaden their experience treating individuals with OCD and OCD spectrum disorders.  For information on attending this group, contact Dr. Brady at charles.brady@lindnercenter.org.