OCD New Jersey

Contact Name: Allen Weg, Interim President
P.O. Box 958
East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816


OCD New Jersey (OCDNJ) is a nonprofit organization sanctioned by the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). We are committed to the IOCDF goals of:

  • educating the community about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),
  • offering support to sufferers and their families, and
  • supporting research.

Members include mental health professionals as well as OCD sufferers, their families, and friends. OCDNJ has a Board of Directors and a Scientific Advisory Board.


OCD New Jersey is pleased to welcome new board members, Dr. Jordan Levy and Michelle Villani. Dr. Levy is a private clinician in Livingston, NJ and Michelle, who has been heading up our volunteer program, is finishing up her PsyD at the College of St. Elizabeth. We are looking forward to having these professionals add their knowledge, energy, and creativity to our organization.

OCD New Jersey recently held it’s annual luncheon/conference on Sunday, March 5th in Garwood, NJ. Dr. Carol Hevia, of the OCD Institute at McLean Hospital, gave a presentation entitled “Killing your mom, going to hell, sex with a camel, and more: Treating OCD obsessions that generate guilt, shame, and disgust.” We will also have the “Living with OCD Panel”, moderated by OCD New Jersey President, Dr. Allen Weg. On March 13th, Dr. Robert Zambrano presented on ACT and the treatment of OCD as one of our free quarterly presentation series. Both presentations were open to both mental health professionals and lay people. Visit our website for more information on future presentations.OCD New Jersey hosted our quarterly presentation in June, featuring Steven Poskar, MD, member of the IOCDF Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board and head of the psychiatric practice, OCD NYC. He gave a presentation entitled Medication Treatment of OCD: Separating Fact from Fiction to a well-attended group in our Central New Jersey meeting location in East Brunswick. In September, our quarterly presenter was Seth Gillihan, PhD, clinical assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, who gave a presentation entitled Overcoming Barriers to OCD Treatment in Cherry Hill.

OCD New Jersey demonstrated a presence at the Annual OCD Conference in San Francisco this past July. We held a spot at the Affiliate table that was set up in the Exhibit Hall, and also held an open affiliate meeting geared towards New Jersey residents attending the Conference.

We would also like to announce that Dr. Marty Franklin, now not only head of COTTAGe, but also director of the new Rogers Behavioral Health IOP in Philadelphia, will be our keynote speaker for our next annual conference on Sunday, March 4, 2018!

OCD New Jersey has also continued to exhibit at local health and community fairs throughout New Jersey, where passer-byes are engaged in a game to test their knowledge of OCD. While we disseminate information about IOCDF and OCDNJ, our exhibits at these fairs are geared to not only let New Jersey residents know about the organizations available to help and support them, but to educate them about how there is much misinformation about the disorder, and to clarify what OCD truly is.