OCD Sacramento

Contact Name: Robin Zasio, PsyD, LCSW, President
P.O. Box 279035
Sacramento, California 95827


The OCD Sacramento Foundation, Inc. was established in 2010 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources and raising awareness, either for those affected by, or interested in learning more about obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders in the Greater Sacramento and Northern California regions.

OCD Sacramento is an affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), which is the largest international organization committed to raising public awareness about Obsessive-Compulsive spectrum disorders. Founded in 1986 by a small group of individuals with OCD, the IOCDF has grown into an international membership-based organization serving a broad community of individuals with OCD and related disorders, their family members and loved ones, and mental health professionals and researchers. The IOCDF has affiliates in 22 states and territories in the US, in addition to partnerships with other OCD organizations around the world. The IOCDF aims to improve outcomes for individuals with OCD and related disorders by:

Providing resources and support for those affected by OCD, including individuals with OCD and related disorders, their family members, friends, and loved ones.
Increasing access to effective treatment through:

  • Educating mental health professionals about evidence-based treatments.
  • Providing a forum for professional collaboration and networking.
  • Supporting research into the causes of and treatments for OCD and related disorders.
  • Promoting awareness about OCD and related disorders to the OCD community and the general public.


    In support of OCD Awareness Week, OCD Sacramento hosted a networking event for therapists to help better inform mental health providers in the community of the importance of proper treatment for OCD and anxiety disorders. Given that OCD is the most common anxiety disorder, a discussion surrounding reducing stigma and promoting awareness was held with over 30 providers. Since OCD can co-occur with other conditions, this event was supported and co-hosted by Azure Acres, Timberline Knolls, and the Eating Recovery Center. OCD Sacramento has also completed their monthly presentation line-up for the year, and the board met in November to plan the 2017 calendar year. Some of the topics will include: helping loved ones better understand how to help someone struggling with OCD; a panel of experts who will talk about what to expect when entering into treatment for OCD; individuals who will share their journey through treatment of OCD; and three separate presentations will be held on the complex nature of hoarding disorder, trichotillomania and excoriation disorder.