OCD Washington

Contact Name: Erjing Cui
Seattle, Washington 98107

OCD Washington is officially incorporated and working on obtaining tax exempt status so we can begin fundraising and offering local resources in the state of Washington!

Currently seeking a Web Coordinator. Responsibilities include for managing our website site. WordPress fluency required.


This quarter we have been very lucky to have 2 new administrative members. We are joined by Erjing Cui who will be one of our Seattle Advocates. She is interested in documenting the stories of individuals who have been affected by OCD and its related disorders. Sachin Girhdar has joined our group and will serve as our Tech Lead. He is interested in advocacy and educating the community.

We have worked with CSz Seattle and they are offering an Improv for Anxiety course on April 7, 2018. You might remember them from the free workshop they hosted last year. Through improvisational comedy, enrollees can play games and work on having fun in the face of imperfection. For more information, visit www.seattlecomedygroup.com/classes.

A new Facebook support group named Washington State OCD Support Group has been started by Michele Loewy and Katherine Yost, two local OCD specialists. You can find them at www.facebook.com/groups/361956997596754.