Nathan Becker Professional Counselor Associate

1210 Southeast Oak Street Ste 6
Portland, Oregon 97214
Supervisor: Katie Playfair, LPC

Narrative of Services:

My practice will offers space for clients seeking help managing ADHD symptomology as well as others who identify with OCD and other OC related disorders. In my internship at NW Anxiety Institute, I treated approximately 20 individuals with OCD.

Training Description:

I come from a CBT/ACT framework that melds well with my person-centered disposition. I was trained at the NW Anxiety Institute in both CBT and Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP). Now, I specialize in using ERP to treat anxiety disorders, such as OCD, phobias, panic, etc.

Diversity Statement:

Growing up in Los Angeles and Orange County, I am familiar with interacting with others who are different than myself. My graduate school education has allowed me to bolster this lived experience in an affirming way. I myself identify as multiracial and as an ally to marginalized communities.

I have had multiple cultural competency trainings through work at LifeWorks NW, NW Anxiety Institute, and Lewis and Clark College. As a life long learner, it is my philosophy that I can always be learning more and plan to continue learning through continued education.