Catherine Zydyk MACP

41 Chapel St.
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 5H3
ADA Accessible
Phone: 250-731-5519
Supervisor: Kathryn Atkinson, MA, RCC

Narrative of Services:

The clinic offers OCD-specific support for adults, youth, and children. Treatment for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours, Tourette’s & Tics, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship issues, Self-esteem, Emotional Regulation, and many other concerns is also available. We are LGBTQIA+ affirming and work with neurodivergent individuals and their families.

Training Description:

I am currently completing a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. I am an intern counsellor under the supervision of a senior counsellor in the field who has provided guidance on effective treatment of OCD. I have several OCD clients of various ages and use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Habit Reversal training for their treatment, depending on each client’s specific needs and goals. I have also completed a training program from the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy on CBT for OCD.

Diversity Statement:

I have been fortunate enough to live and work in communities both in Canada and around the world that have taught me the importance of culturally sensitive, unbiased mental health service. I aim to provide counselling that honours each client’s perspective on healing and recognizes all the elements that intersect to make each of us our own unique person.

I have experience working with:
– Newcomers to Canada
– Indigenous populations
– Clients with diverse abilities
– Clients who identify as neurodiverse
– Clients who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community

I hold a Bachelor of Education degree and TESL certificate. I have worked with people of all ages in public schools, First Nations schools, and private language institutions. I provide care to neurodivergent and disabled adults in the areas of personal wellness, education, and employment.