Jonathan Abramowitz, PhD, ABPP


IOCDF Scientific Advisory Board Member

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599

Narrative of Services:

I have a practice in Chapel Hill, NC that serves primarily people with OCD and related anxiety disorders. I treat these conditions using cognitive-behavioral methods, which I have studied, written about, and taught others to use through giving numerous workshops. I also regularly attend professional meetings to stay up-to-date on the latest treatment strategies for OCD and anxiety. I have connections with psychiatrists, with whom I work closely when patients are also taking medications. I see OCD patients on an outpatient basis and can be flexible regarding treatment sessions, which may occur once per week or more frequently as is necessary. Sessions may vary in length (60-120 minutes as needed) and I am happy to hold sessions outside the office if necessary for “exposure field trips” (e.g., a supermarket, mall, or restaurant- as necessary). Information about my services can be found at

Training Description:

I earned my PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1998 and completed my predoctoral internship (1997-1998) and postdoctoral fellowship (1998-2000) at the Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety in Philadelphia. This position included evaluating and treating people with OCD (and other anxiety) disorders using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP). Since that time, I have become among the foremost experts in the world on OCD and ERP, publishing several books and over 100 research articles on these topics. Although I have not counted, I have probably evaluated and/or treated over 500 people with OCD over more than 10 years of professional experience at Philadelphia (1997-2000), the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (2000-2006), and now at the University of North Carolina (2006-present). In 2004, I was awarded a Diplomate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Information about my processional accomplishments can be found at