Ana Adelstein, PhD

The Highland Psych Collaborative
675 Seminole Ave. NE, Suite 307
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Narrative of Services:

I’ve continued to work with children, teens and adults struggling with OCD in private practice since 1998. In my current clinical practice, I primarily see teens and adults. At this point, 15-20% of patients I work with suffer from OCD or OC related disorders. (This has become a specialty of mine.) I’ve worked with kids as young as age 5 – including a child tormented by thoughts of killing her beloved grandmother and another by thoughts that her head would snap off of her neck – and adults including religious leaders tormented by taboo thoughts and impulses, and a number of individuals who’d become ruled by exhausting rituals they’d come to fear disrupting. It’s difficult to estimate how many individuals with OCD &/or OC Related Disorders I’ve treated since 1994, but I’d place the number between 400-500.

Training Description:

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist in practice since 1994. As a post-doctoral fellow at Toronto’s CAMH from 1994-96, I obtained specialized training in clinical neuropsychology that extended to the assessment/treatment of neurobehavioral disorders in kids/teens, including OCD/ OC Spectrum disorders. I used behavioral and cognitive-behavioral techniques and typically conducted treatment the context of individual and family therapy. From 1997-98, I completed a 2nd fellowship at the U of Alberta working with adults who’d sustained traumatic brain injuries, many with OCD/OC-Spectrum-like manifestations of their injuries. I’ve been supervised by several senior psychologists in the field – including specialists in CBT and ERP.