Jessica M. Alea LMHC

1271 Eglin Parkway
Unit 1
Shalimar, Florida 32579
ADA Accessible
Phone: 32579
Narrative of Services:

I offer services to help with OCD and trauma. I work in a military community, particularly with spouses. Many of spouses present with OC-related disorders due to many of the traits associated with military-life, such as perfecting, anxiety, and obsessions. I have about 1/2th of my clients that are OC related.

Training Description:

I am trained in EMDR/DeTUR, ERP, as well as ACT for OCD. I have been working with OCD for about 2 years.

Diversity Statement:

I work to appeal to men who consist of a very small group that attends therapy. My business name is Invictus and my colors are green. I do not use pastels nor did I pick a touchy-feely name.

I have a doctorate in Curriculum and Education from the University of Florida, which was a social justice-heavy program. I actively work to be an antiracist in my practices. This was probably the most effective education I received in cultural competency. In addition, each year in my community mental health facility, I attended CC courses.