Andrea Alvarez, LPC-S, NCC


Executive Director, AMA Behavioral Therapy, PLLC

14603 Huebner Rd
Suite 3505
San Antonio, Texas 78230
Narrative of Services:

I am currently accepting patients with OCD and BFRBs only. However, I do assist with treating co-morbilities as well. I provide out patient services only and have a support therapeutic staff in assisting with ERPs as needed.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I provide services for clients who believe have the capacity to resolve their own problems with my assistance. I assist my clients in exploring and resolving difficult life issues. I use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and provide structured sessions to maximize time and assist in meeting therapeutic goals identified in first session. I approach therapy as a working relationship between client and therapist.
I have training focusing on body focused repetitive behaviors with the TLC Foundation utilizing both CBT and ComB techniques. Further, have also focused training from BTTI on OCD and exploring both CBT and Exposure and Response Prevention.