Natalia Aniela M.A. , L.P.C.

2449 Pine St
Boulder, Colorado 80302
ADA Accessible
Phone: 7203100570
Narrative of Services:

Practice currently has 4 clinicians trained in ERP through BTTI, PESI, and Knowledge Tree, supervised by Lead Therapist. In 2022, the clinic (formerly known as South Boulder Counseling) had 914 appointments with 91 clients. Approximately 50% of the clients at our practice have a diagnosis that includes OCD and related anxiety disorders.

Training Description:

Supervised by the IOCDF, trained at the BIPOC BTTI, attended the 2022 IOCDF conference, trained through Knowledge Tree, and trained in OCD and Pediatric OCD through the Mass General Hospital Psychiatry Department. Treating OCD for 3 years, specialized in OCD for the last year.

Diversity Statement:

The current practice serves about 80% white, American clients, but has clinicians originating from 5 countries and is equipped to serve a more diverse population.

Natalia has significant experience practicing in a multicultural setting. She began her career in Shanghai, China, working with both local populations and the diverse expat community. She was supervised by a Chinese-Canadian expat in Shanghai who developed her understanding of working cross-culturally. Natalia then worked at Servicios de la Raza, a center primarily serving Mexican and Mexican-American clients, as the Spanish language therapist, again trained by a Mexican supervisor who developed Natalia’s competencies cross-regionally among the populations served at the clinic. Natalia practices in four languages, Spanish, English, Polish, and Mandarin.