Adriánna Arcuri PsyD

440 Monticello Ave Suite 1802
(currently telehealth only)
Norfolk, Virginia 23510
ADA Accessible
Phone: 434-202-4242
Narrative of Services:

The majority (~65%) of individuals who Dr. Arcuri serves meet criteria for OCD and/or OC related disorders. Approximately 90% of her clients are adolescents or adults while the remaining 10% are children. She also provides parenting support and skills training for the parents of children with OCD and OC related disorders.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

In addition to OCD, Dr. Arcuri specializes in treating those with eating disorders, anxiety disorders (panic, phobias, social anxiety, & generalized anxiety), depressive disorders, trauma, and emotional/behavioral dysregulation. Dr. Arcuri approaches therapy in a collaborative, supportive, and empathetic manner, while regularly utilizing empirically supported therapeutic interventions in her practice to promote symptom relief. Dr. Arcuri aims to individually tailor treatment to each person she works with, and typically utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach, including exposure with response prevention, as research has demonstrated this is most effective for the aforementioned concerns.

Training Description:

Dr. Arcuri is a licensed clinical psychologist with nearly a decade of extensive experience in treating those with OCD and related disorders, in both outpatient and higher level of care settings. Dr. Arcuri regularly utilizes exposure-based and cognitive-behavioral interventions, as well as habit reversal treatment, and has considerable experience in the implementation of intensive OCD treatment. As a Clinical Psychology professor and clinical supervisor, Dr. Arcuri also has significant experience in teaching and supervising doctoral-levels clinicians in training, particularly those aiming to develop an expertise in exposure therapy.