Sevil Arli, PsyD


Licensed Psychologist

2001 S. Barrington Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90025
Phone: 626-817-6202

Narrative of Services:

In private practice, I see client’s with varying presentations including OCD, Anxiety, Depression, social anxiety, ASD, and relationship/social difficulties.

Diversity Statement: I have worked in many diverse environments with diverse populations including varying social economic status, race, gender, and diagnoses. I graduated from California School for Professional Psychology at Alliant International University where multicultural competency was highly emphasized and integrated into the curriculum and internship experience.

Training Description:

Hi There! I am a Licensed Psychologist practicing for 10 years. I am a member of IOCDF and work in private practice settings in both West Los Angeles and Pasadena. I am also a clinician at the Intensive Outpatient Treatment center in the department of OCD and Anxiety at Community West.