Jeremy D. Bailey LCSW

Social Worker
3558 Round Barn Blvd
Suite 200
Santa Rosa, California 95403
Narrative of Services:

My case load is in flux but on average, at present, I treat around 10 exclusive OCD/anxiety clients weekly and have served at least 50 anxiety and OCD clients over the last few years. In treatment I employ the following interventions: CBT, exposure and response prevention, DBT/mindfulness, and psychodynamics. I work with clients to face their fears when they’re ready or willing so developing trust and a good rapport are essential.

Training Description:

I have fourteen years of direct clinical care and case management experience with individuals with mental health disorders, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities in both public and private settings. I’m a LCSW (#102807) in the State of California and I earned my MSW Graduate Degree from UCLA. I’ve treated OCD/anxiety disorders for 8 years and have seen OCD and anxiety clients via one-to-one treatment in telehealth for 2 years.

Diversity Statement:

I am of LGBTQIA+ status myself and therefore can relate to clients who’ve faced related stressors that have contributed to their anxiety and OCD presentations. Cultural competency begins with the understanding that every family and individual in any cultural group can vary widely and I never shy away from asking questions and listening and never assume to know where any individual from any culture may be coming from.

My professional experience has included working with individuals from all backgrounds and demographics. I myself have dealt with OCD/chronic anxiety and successfully coped with it so I know from experience how challenging and intimidating this treatment can be. Through my experience I believe what is most important is that the individual feels safe and heard so developing an authentic rapport is essential. When working with individuals who suffer from OCD having compassionate boundaries is necessary as is the ability to nudge clients to face their long running fears as related to their OCD so they can finally feel free.