Amy Beaumont Psy.D.

1350 Tamiami Trail N.
Naples, Florida 34102
ADA Accessible
Phone: 954-953-6263
Narrative of Services:

I offer individual therapy and parent coaching/training via Zoom or in-person, including out-of-office exposures. I offer intensive treatment when schedules allow. I estimate 30-40% of my clients have OC-related disorders (primarily ). 50% have ASD (all ages), which often includes OC and ADHD symptoms. The remainder have anxiety and/or mood disorders without ASD or OCD.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I treat co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, ASD, ADHD, and ODD. Based on the client’s unique presentation, family dynamics, cultural considerations, and treatment goals, I typically use CBT, E/RP, ACT, neurodiversity-affirming social skills, EF skills, and/or parent training/coaching.

Training Description:

I’ve been Clinical Supervisor of University of Miami’s Child & Adolescent Mood & Anxiety Treatment Program for 15+ years. I have extensive training and experience in Unified Protocol-Child, Adolescent and Adult, CBIT, E/RP, CBT, ASD modifications, etc. I’ve been Director of UM’s Autism Spectrum Assessment Clinic for 17+ years and provide neurodiversity-affirming EBT and testing for autistic people and families, as well as parent coaching (ABA, PCIT, RUBI, etc.). I am actively involved in research at UM/other universities, teach doctoral students, and present on the above topics in national/international conferences.

Diversity Statement:

I work with a diverse range of clients in terms of race, religion, culture, family dynamics, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, neurodiversity, etc. and integrate cultural considerations into assessment and treatment. I am committed to providing a culturally sensitive and respectful environment that fosters inclusivity and equity. I work hard to understand each client’s unique background, experiences, and perspectives and tailor my approaches accordingly. I also continuously assess my own cultural awareness and privilege and am dedicated to ongoing training in these areas.

My cultural competency has developed through formal education, practical experience, and ongoing training. Working in a university setting ensures I stay up-to-date with the latest research, practices, and discussions in the field of cultural competency. I participate in regular trainings about various topics (disparity in marginalized populations, cross-cultural communication, multicultural counseling and assessment, working with LGBTQ+, neurodiversity-affirming services, social justice in mental health, etc.). I actively seek out trainings and opportunities to service diverse clients. Being in Miami allowed me to work with clients with very diverse backgrounds and expand my approaches to best serving them.