Steven Behling, PhD,


Licensed Psychologist

3417 Evanston Ave N
Suite 308
Seattle, Washington 98103-8967
Phone: 2068496737

Narrative of Services:

Although the percentage varies over time, approximately 20-25% of the active clients in my practice qualify for a diagnosis of OCD (or an OCD-related disorder) at any given time. I use exposure with response prevention (ERP) to address symptoms, and because I work with children and adolescents, parents are typically an active part of treatment.
I have worked with a broad range of diverse families over the course of my training and career, including Black, Latinx, and Asian-American families, as well as families in the LGTBQ+ rainbow and religious minorities.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): Yes

Training Description:

I have been actively working with individuals diagnosed with OCD and related issues since 2012.

My MA/PhD training program at DePaul University won an award from the APA for inclusion of diversity throughout coursework and training while I was attending the program. As a (likely former) proficient Spanish-speaker, I sought predoctoral and postdoctoral training focusing on work with Latino populations. Throughout those years, and in the years following, I have worked to examine how my own cultural upbringing and privilege informs and intersects with the work I do with clients across cultures, identity groups, and belief systems.